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Application of Software

The following tables list some of the more common vacuum applications for which our JetSelect and JetEval products can be applied.

Specific Vacuum Operations Usually Requiring Dedicated Vacuum Producers and Technology

Vacuum distillation

High vacuum distillation
Short path distillation Molecular distillation

(High) vacuum distillation with the addition of a carrier

Vacuum fractionation
Short path fractionation Vacuum evaporation

Multistage evaporation

Multi effect evaporation
Thermo vapour recompression Mechanical vapour recompression

Desalination -large water producers

Desalination - portable water producers
Vacuum drying (using different types of dryers) Vacuum batch drying

Vacuum continuous drying

Pharmaceutical shelf drying
High vacuum drying Sublimation


Evaporative cooling
Evaporative freezing Pervaporation

Vacuum Operations that may Require Specific Vacuum Systems and Vacuum Producers

Vacuum condensation

Vacuum condensation in power plant
Vacuum vapour adsorption processes Vacuum vapour absorption processes

Vacuum vapour/gas recompression operations

Vacuum membrane processes
Vacuum de-aireation Vacuum deodorization

Vacuum devolatalising

Vacuum conveying
Vacuum insulation Vacuum water-cooling