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Featured Product: VacuGen 2.0
VacuGen 2.0
is an indispensable toolkit for all engineers working with vacuum. VacuGen 2 is an updated release providing improved presentation and usability for no extra cost. VacuGen 2.0 is a set of easy to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in three parts:

  • 'What is process vacuum?' Provides all the fundamental constants, basic gas equations and laws plus safety considerations of plant operation

  • 'How to generate vacuum efficiently' Provides "codified experience" to assist the vacuum engineer is specifying the optimum equipment.

  • 'What is it going to cost to buy the correct vacuum producer and operate it ?' Dealing with process operations (1000 to 0.001 mbar), calculate a wide array of equipment parameters to aid performance optimisation and equipment selection.

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Product Overview Price (UK£)
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VacuGen 2.0  A valuable collection of utilities designed to assist engineers, accountants and environmentalists working with the generation and application of vacuum in all process industries. £150
Condenser Critique 2.0 Software for sizing and testing the performance of shell and tube cooler condensers. £129
HumidAir 1.0 Software dealing with complementing the psychometric charts and data tables used for calculations involving humid air.  HumidAir carries out numerous calculations to produce all parameters for all components of humid air and all the desired parameters for the humid air. £59
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Last updated: 07 March 2012